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Download the newest illustration v2.1 below (valid until 30 Desember 2016):
Download Sales Illustration ver 2.1


  1. New rider CI Early Care
  2. New rider Advanced Medicare
  3. Enhancement Cost of Insurance (COI) for Conventional Unit Linked Product
  4. Enhancement Cost of Rider (COR) for Critical Illness 55 (CI 55)
  5. Enhancement feature rider Hospital Cash Plan (HCP)
  6. Enhancement and new features of rider Waiver Premium
  7. Enhancement and new features of rider Payor Waiver
  8. Close New Business for rider Hospitalization and Surgical (HnS)
  9. Close New business for Term Rider

All these product initiatives are available in the new sales illustration v2.1. The new sales illustration provides improvement that include:

  1. Enhanced programming for ease of maintenance, enhanced user experience through revamped user interface and print out re-layout for efficiency.
  2. Updated fund growth assumption for all Unit-Linked Products, in order to give potential customer a better investment projection.


Download Panduan Penggunaan Sales Illustration (v2.0)

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