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Prices as of 18 October 2018 and in Indonesian Rupiah & United States Dollars (IDR & USD)

Fund Name Currency Unit Price
TM Balanced Fund IDR1161.0546
TM Bond Fund IDR1128.1667
TM Cash Fund IDR1219.35379
TM Equity Aggressive Fund IDR1099.26738
TM Equity Asian Fund IDR1078.63701
TM Equity Fund IDR1171.11123
TM Equity Indonesian Fund IDR1090.98623
TM Equity Optima Fund IDR1014.60795
TM Fixed Income Indonesian Fund IDR1054.1075
TM IDR Liquid Fund IDR1010.4161
TM USD Managed Fund USD1.02517
TM syBond Fund IDR2245.13988
TM syCash Fund IDR2860.95652
TM syEquity Fund IDR2641.75252
TM syManaged Fund IDR1663.55878