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Prices as of 24 May 2018 and in Indonesian Rupiah & United States Dollars (IDR & USD)

Fund Name Currency Unit Price
TM Balanced Fund IDR1193.39024
TM Bond Fund IDR1168.46881
TM Cash Fund IDR1203.56884
TM Equity Aggressive Fund IDR1164.63228
TM Equity Asian Fund IDR1093.61201
TM Equity Fund IDR1214.71872
TM Equity Indonesian Fund IDR1138.12259
TM Fixed Income Indonesian Fund IDR1054.22799
TM USD Managed Fund USD1.02866
TM syBond Fund IDR2217.08647
TM syCash Fund IDR2817.49109
TM syEquity Fund IDR2734.63146
TM syManaged Fund IDR1741.23626