Total Permanent Disability Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of a Total Permanent Disability claim

Total Permanent & Disability Claims Process

  • Report Your Claim

  • Someone will Contact You

  • Submission

  • Evaluate

  • Close Claim


  • Report your claim to your respective agent/ customer service personnel of each branch
  • Your respective agent/ customer service personnel of each branch will provide required claim forms to you
  • Submit the completed form(s) and supporting documents via the respective agent or customer service personnel of each branch
  • TMLM will evaluate to ensure all the required form(s) are completed accurately by relevant parties, e.g. doctor.
  • Once all the forms are completed, TMLM will proceed to claim assessments

Documentation Required

  1. Original policy document
  2. Certified True Copy of Claimant's/Assignee's NRIC
  3. Certified True Copy of Policy Owner's & Life Assured's NRIC
  4. Newspaper Cutting (for accident & suicide case)
  5. TPD Claim Form (Page 1 & 2) to be completed by claimant
  6. TPD Claim Form (Page 3 & 4) to be completed by treating doctor
  7. Investigation report (e.g. Histopathology, Biopsy, ECG, cardiac enzyme, MRI, CT scan &/or other supporting docs)
  8. Certified True Copy of Termination/Medical boarded out letter
  9. Photograph of Dismemberment (where applicable)

Important Notes Prior to Submission

  1. Ensure completion of claim forms and completeness of all documents to avoid unnecessary delay.
  2. Ensure your signature on the claim form tallies with the one in the records.
  3. The Medical Report is to be completed at the claimant's own expense.
  4. The checklist provides a reference of the point-of-submission requirements only. The Company reserves the right to request for other relevant documents and information.

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