It is now easier to service your policy with the following payment options:

  • NEW Internet Banking: DBS Bill Payment (for DBS / POSB Internet Banking Users)
    • Select TM Life Insurance and enter your Policy Number in the Bill Reference field for Life policy.
    • Select TM Life Insurance to add as Billing Organisation and enter your Policy Number in the Bill Reference field and submit.
  • Cheque, NETS or Cash at our Customer Service Centre
  • NEW  Pay Online on TMLS website (through AXS e-Station).
    • Select 'Pay Online' at the top right corner of  TMLS main webpage
    • From the drop down option, select 'Life Insurance'.
    • After a disclaimer webpage, customers will be re-directed to the Tokio Marine Life billing screen at the AXS e-Station.
  • Using AXS online or terminal

  • NEW You may now use the GIRO Application Service via DBS / POSB Internet Banking to apply for Interbank GIRO (for DBS / POSB Internet Banking users only)
    • Select ‘Pay’.
    • Select ‘Add GIRO Arrangement’.
    • Select 'TM Life Insurance’ as the Billing Organisation
    • Input your policy number as the Bill Reference No.
    • Select your account number for this GIRO Arrangement.
    • Click ‘Next’.
    • You will receive a notification letter from Tokio Marine Life advising you of the start date of the GIRO deduction
  • Application for Interbank GIRO
    • Download and submit the completed Application form for Interbank Giro to Tokio Marine Life Insurance one month before the next premium due date. This form is available at
    • Note: GIRO Application will usually take 1 month to process. Hence, you are required to send your payment via cash / cheque while waiting to complete the application process.
  • Interbank Fund Transfer to TMLS bank account. The details are as follows:
Bank Name
DBS Bank
Account Number 0220071106
Account Name/Payee TMLS

All administrative and bank charges and currency exchange difference (if applicable) will be borne by the customer.

Upon transferring the premium payment, kindly email us at with the following detail(s):

- A screen shot of the transfer confirmation showing the policy number, amount and date.

If you do not have the screenshot, please email us with the following details:
- the policy number for which the premium amount is due for
- date of transfer/deposit
- Total amount transferred
- confirmation/reference no. of the transaction (if any)

I wish to terminate my GIRO deduction bank account. What forms should I complete?

Important Notice
In the event that we do not receive your premium within the grace period, your policy may lapse. If your policy has attained cash value, a Non-Forfeiture Loan (NFL) to the unpaid premium will be applied. NFL is an interest-bearing provision of the plan where the cash value is advanced to fund the premium due and allows the life assured to continue with the policy benefits. For more information on Non-Forfeiture Loan, please refer to