Launched in October 2010, located at 20 McCallum Street, The Tokio Marine Centre is an individualistic building, which can be clearly identified against the backdrop of the city skyline.

The unique design boasts environmentally friendly attributes, which include energy efficiency (approximately saving of 830,000kwhrs annually), water-saving techniques, carbon monoxide-free car parking and proficient ACMV systems. Such design features uphold Tokio Marine’s corporate responsibility initiatives and our commitment to the preservation of the global environment.

‘Exo’ skeleton fascia

The Architect’s design of the building’s outer casing, was inspired by the reinforcement qualities of bamboo stems, which as a cluster, sustain strong and tall growth. Structurally, this translates into steel columns which intersect each other, also providing shade for approximately 30% of the building.


Our chiller rooms at The Tokio Marine Centre have been designed with Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 6.4, one of the most efficient in Singapore. This COP is the combined efficiency of our chillers, water pumps and coolers. The efficiency of our chiller plant rooms, achieve a 40% improvement over the Green Mark entry level.

Water Distribution Systems

To avoid water pressure losses, our pipe work has been designed without balancing valves, at the correct sizes, with minimal bends thus reducing friction loss. Our low pressure piping system and control equipment, manages water balancing.


AUH’s in the building are designed to handle chilled air at 11c with low noise and low power consumption, 60% lower than the Green Mark entry level. To ensure that the office has adequate oxygen levels and air quality, we have two pre-cooled AUHs (PAUH’s) for fresh air.

In 2007, the Tokio Marine Centre’s design won a BCA Green Mark Award for its ecological attributes. Since opening, the building’s design contribution has been recognized by the Architectural industry, receiving a Merit award from The Building Construction Authority in May 2011, crediting our construction consultant, for the execution of engineering safety excellence. Additionally, our Architect also received an “Honorable Mention” at the Singapore Institute of Architectural Design Awards 2011, all acknowledging the Tokio Marine Centre’s success.