Tokio Marine Group’s Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility

Aiming to be a “Good Company” Trusted by All

Tokio Marine Group has provided “safety and security” to society and contributed to its development by making the most of its abundant knowledge and experience accumulated over the years in the insurance industry. In the future as well, we will work to solve various social issues and continuously raise the Group’s corporate value while contributing to a safe, secure and sustainable future. By doing so, we aim to become a “Good Company” that is trusted by all people and society.

Focusing on 3 Core CSR Themes and Promoting Initiatives in Collaboration with Stakeholders

Tokio Marine Group has set “Providing Safety and Security,” “Protecting the Earth” and “Supporting People” as its three core CSR themes and is promoting CSR in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders.

Executing our Corporate Philosophy Based on the Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter

For Tokio Marine Group, CSR represents the implementation of the Corporate Philosophy. In keeping with the Tokio Marine Group CSR Charter, which serves as behavioral guidelines for implementing CSR, all our self-motivated employees will continually act with integrity and compassion using their unique ideas to provide stakeholders with even better value.

Respect for International Codes of Conduct and Human Rights

Tokio Marine Group supports and respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ILO Core Labour Standards, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (Ruggie Framework), as well as ISO 26000. The ideas and contents of the ten principles concerning human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption advocated by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) coincide with Tokio Marine Group’s own approach to CSR as well as its CSR Charter. Therefore, Tokio Marine Holdings has been participating in the UNGC since 2005.

To Be A Good Company

Guided by our principles of “Look Beyond Profit”, “Empower Our People” and “Deliver On Commitments”, we will always strive to be a “Good Company”

We will be there for our customer, playing our part in society in times of need.

We will balance our strength as an organization with compassion as individuals, looking beyond profit to deliver fully on our commiments.

Through our collective efforts, we will strive to be a Good Company, living up to the trust placed in us.

Tokio Marine Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter

Tokio Marine Group and our Group Companies are committed to CSR through our Corporate Philosophy to achieve sustainable growth together with the development of society in accordance with the following principles.

Products and Services

We aim to provide society with products and services to meet its needs for safety and security.

Respect for Human Rights and Dignity:

  • We respect and actively promote the recognition of human rights.
  • We strive to ensure an energetic working environment that is both safe and healthy and to promote training and education of our employees.
  • We respect the right to privacy and strive to enforce sound information management and control.

Protection of the Global Environment

Acknowledging that the protection of the global environment is an important responsibility for all corporate entities, we respect the harmonization with and the improvement of the global environment in all of our activities.

Contribution to Local Communities and Societies

We respect the diversity of cultures and customs and we aim to contribute actively to the needs of the current era.


While striving to maintain high ethical standards at all times, we pursue strict compliance in all aspects of our business activities.


We intend to disclose information timely, appropriately and to promote dialogue with all our stakeholders to ensure effective corporate management.

To be a
Good Company

Through our collective efforts, we strive to be a Good Company, living up to the trust placed in us.

Corporate Responsibility

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