TMLI - Download Illustration

Download the newest illustration v2.5 below (valid until December 31th 2017):
Download Sales Illustration v2.5 Agency


  1. Include new product TM Protection Plus
  2. Include Product Packaging TM ProteksiKu.
  3. Include three new funds for Unit Link product, i.e TM Equity Indonesian Fund, TM Equity Indonesian Fund, and TM Fixed Income Indonesian Fund.
  4. Include Underwriting Requirement (Medical & Financial) in output.
  5. Enhanced Personal Accident Riders
    • Change Rider Name : PA-A to Accidental Death Benefit and PA-AB to Accidental Death & Disability Benefit
    • Change minimum entry age from 6 years to 6 months.
    • Include occupation class (4 class), and COR will be charged based on occupationnal class.
  6. Include validation on Maximum Sum at Risk for age 0-17 years old.
  7. Wording update:
    • Update fund performance historical data, to include 2016 experience.
    • Include occupation information in the Sales Illustration output.
    • Update CI Early Care table.
    • Update legal number.
    • Update disclaimer information.
    • Syariah products, update from Calon Tertanggung to Calon Peserta.
Sales Illustration version 2.5 Agency is the enhancement of the previous version.


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