Dear customers,

Be alert! Car thefts are increasing. To avoid this happening to you, here are some essential precautions to take:                                   

  • Always park your car in a crowded car park with good visibility
  • Do not place valuables like money, wallets, laptops or bags where they can be easily sighted by thieves. Keep these items out of sight.
  • Always keep the windows closed and lock the doors while parking in a public area or at home, and while waiting at a traffic light stop
  • Install a GPS tracking device in your car to monitor its position easily.
  • You can add an additional steering wheel lock
  • When you are inside your car, do not open the window or door for people you do not know
  • Take and keep your parking ticket. Do not leave it inside your car, as it can make it easy for thieves to drive your car out of the parking area.

Some theft methods you should be aware of:

Deflated tire method
Perpetrators inform you that your car tires are deflated. When your attention is diverted, they drive off with your car and steal your belongings.

Sticking paper on rear glass window method
Perpetrators stick papers on your car's rear glass window. When you get out of your car to remove them, they steal your car or your belongings.

Tips to avoid these theft methods:

  • Don't stop your car if a biker or driver tells you your tires are flat.
  • Ignore paper stuck to your rear glass window while parking.
  • Be cautious and keep driving even if a motorist knocks your car repeatedly.
  • Find a crowded place to park the car to check your rear glass window and tires. Try to change your car tires, only if absolutely necessary, at the nearest Police station or repair shop.
  • Lock your car while check your tires.
  • To prevent theft of your valuables while you get out of your car, put your valuables out of sight or in positions which are unreachable place from the windows.

Be careful. You lose more than you think when your car is stolen.

  • Time, effort, and expenses
    • to acquire claims documents e.g. claims reporting form, chronology of incidents, Police Reports (STPL)
    • visit the Police station for any further action
  • Spend a deductible in the amount of IDR 200,000 per occurrence
  • Business interruption or lost of income during settlement of the claim, especially if the stolen car was usually used for commercial purposes
  • Cost of your own transportation as there is no car replacement during the claims process
  • Inconvenience of using alternative transportation during the claim settlement process
  • Tax for the new replacement car must be paid by yourself