Let’s face it. Flying is annoying. You have to deal with cramped seats, airline food, screaming kids, unique body odors and passengers who recline their seats like it’s their living room. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with these annoyances and make your flight a wee bit more comfortable.

Fly red eye
For some, sleeping is the best way to block out the most annoying parts of flying. The flight will be quieter, calmer and easier to handle if you choose to sleep on your flight. Red eye flights are generally emptier too, so more overhead cabin space for you! And, they are usually cheaper because most people prefer to fly during daytime. Price discounts may vary, however in some cases; it could be $100 to $200 lower. Not a bad bargain.  

Secure that seat!
If your schedule isn’t that flexible and you have to fly during the day, check a seat plan website like SeatGuru to find the best spot on your flight (more legroom, near power outlet, etc). If you get woozy easily, look for wing seats. You’ll enjoy a smoother ride than those sitting near the tail. A plane works like a see saw so you’ll find the centre of gravity near the wings. Book and buy your ticket online way ahead of time to secure those seats. Good seats are sold very quickly and at times you’ll find that they’re reserved for frequent flyers.  

If you can’t stand turbulence, take an early morning flight
Did you know, ground heat later in the day causes bumpier air or thunderstorms and are most likely to happen during the afternoon?.

Insurance for lost bags
Whenever possible, travel with cabin sized luggage so you don’t have to deal with the possibility of lost, damage or stolen baggage. Nothing gets a trip off to a bad start than losing your luggage, so make sure you are insured. Most travel insurance includes baggage delay, loss, theft and damage coverage as well as trip cancellation and medical.

Bring a thoughtful gift like a box of chocolates for your flight attendant
It is appreciated and more often than not that you will get an extra nice treatment afterwards. Good manners also go a long way. The service industry would agree. When people you serve are nice to you, you are likely to treat them 10x better than those who aren’t. Reddit user, evandan4 tested and confirmed this theory. He was upgraded to first class for free, received complimentary glasses of wine and was frequently checked up on.

Bring your own
Pillow, blanket and anti-bacteria wipes. Secret is, things are awfully dirty in planes and airlines don’t have time to give the interior a thorough clean after each flight. Thousands of people coming in and out, makes planes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Those seat trays may have been used to change dirty diapers. So, sanitize the armrest, tray, and your seat.


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