Marine Cargo Insurance

What are the risks that are guaranteed in the Tokio Marine transport insurance products?

Risks that are guaranteed in the transport insurance will depend on the condition of guaranteeing that you choose. 
There are 4 (four) conditions guaranteed in transport insurance are:

  • Institute Cargo Clauses 1/1/09 AIR (ICC AIR)
  • Institute Cargo Clauses "A" 1/1/09 (ICC "A")
  • Institute Cargo Clauses "B" 1/1/09 (ICC "B")
  • Institute Cargo Clauses "C" 1/1/09 (ICC "C")

Each of the above conditions provide different guarantees wide. ICC "A" has the most extensive scope of the collateral while the ICC "C" has the scope of the guarantee at least. To find out more details about any of the above conditions guarantee, you can refer to the tables listed in Marine Insurance product menu page.

I want to insure my cargo shipping route from Jakarta to Medan (eg). How?

For the transport insurance, we need data that is quite detailed. Documents you need to provide is as follows:

  • Minutes of Delivery (Bill of Landing) which contains a description of the means of conveyance, date, origin and destination departure.
  • Invoice of goods and cargo that contains a list and detailed description of the type of goods transported along its nominal price.

All the above data should be submitted to the email address or sms to our hotline on 0812 118 4004. Our customer service will immediately follow up your request.