Most people think that making an insurance claim can be very complicated. Does this happen at PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia?

Insurance is a contract which sets out the rights and obligations of Policyholder and Insurer. Insured is entitled to make a claim and follows through claim procedures as stipulated by Insurer. As long as all claim requirements have been fulfilled and information provided on claim form are accurate and true, we will assess the claim within the timeframe as set out in the Policy. 

Why do I have to pay Premium in time?

For your policy benefit continuation,  you should make premium payment before the Grace Period. Failure to make premium payment in time will make your Policy being lapsed unless your policy is a cash value policy or Unit-Linked Policy.

In the case of cash value Policy , if the cash value greater than the unpaid premium, your Policy status will change to Automatic Policy Loan (APL) and the coverage continues. APL will charge interest at a rate to be determined by PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia. 

In the case of Unit-Linked Policy, as long as your investment value is sufficient to Cost of Insurance and monthly administration fee, your Policy remains inforce and coverage will continue. Failure to make payment will reduce the investment value accordingly.  

Why have I not received notification letter nor informed about my Premium payment due date?

We send Premium Due Date Notification Letter 1 month prior to due date as well information through short message service (SMS). If you have changed your current address or mobile phone number, please contact us for data update.  

I have paid my premium to my insurance agent but PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia has never received any payment. 

We thank you for your premium payment. As stated in Policy terms, all premium payments must be made to PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia and will be deemed paid on the date of receipt and recorded in our account in amount set out in the Policy. To avoid any unwanted occurrence, please make direct payment to PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia bank account.

My policy is lapsed due to the late payment. How do I recover my policy?

Lapsed Policy can be reinstated provided it has not lapsed for more than 2 (two) years. If your policy is lapsed for more than 6 (six) months it can be reinstated through underwriting process. Unpaid Premium during policy lapse must be settled.

How do I purchase a life insurance product?

Our marketing consultant will reach you and explain which product that meets your needs. After that you need to complete the Life Insurance Application Form (SPAJ) containing your personal information, medical history, and other information. Based on the information provided in the SPAJ, underwriting process will begin. Once your insurance application is approved, we will issue the Policy. Please make sure you provided all information required on SPAJ completely and accurately as they are parts of the Policy.

I lost my policy document, can I get the new one?

We issue the policy only once, however, we can issue a duplicate. To get a duplicate policy please follow the following instructions:

  1. Enclose the Report of Lost Policy from the Police as reported by Policyholder.
  2. Policyholder shall complete and sign Report of Lost Policy Form and Duplicate Policy Application Form over Rp. 6,000.- stamp duty.
  3. Enclose a photocopy of Policyholder’s Identity Card (KTP / SIM / Passport).
  4. Pay administrative cost (if any).

What should I do if I change my address? 

If you change address please inform us in writing by filling in Policy Minor Alteration Application Form. Please contact our Customer Service to get this form.

How to make a death claim?

In the case of Individual Insurance Business, the following requirements apply to Death Claim:

  1. Complete Death Claim provided by PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia.
  2. Original Policy
  3. Enclose a photocopy of Beneficiary’s valid ID Card.
  4. Enclose a photocopy of document certifying the relationship of Beneficiary with the Insured such as Family Card or Birth Certificate
  5. Statement Letter of Beneficiary or letter of authorization of Beneficiary if more than one Beneficiaries area authorized by competent authority
  6. Certified version of Death Certificate from competent authority
  7. Medical resume completed by the latest doctor in charge (if the Insured passed away at Hospital or Clinic / Medical Center);
  8. A death certificate from competent authorities and legalized at least by consulate general of the Republic of Indonesia if the insured passed away abroad;
  9. Statement from competent authority stating that the insured passed away if the insured missed in a disaster.
  10. PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia reserves the right to request other information and / or document and / or evidence deemed necessary to process the claim
  11. Death Claim documents above must be submitted within 90 (ninety) days of the Insured’s death.

What should I do if I change my Beneficiary? 

The following requirements apply for change of Beneficiary:

  1. Complete the Policy Minor Alteration Application Form.
  2. Enclose a photocopy of valid ID card of Policyholder (KTP / SIM / Passport).
  3. Enclose family card / birth certificate / marriage certificate / other documents stating relationship between the Insured and prospective Beneficiary.
  4. Pay administrative cost (if any).

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