Carrier’s / Warehousemen Liability Insurance Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of Carrier’s / Warehousemen Liability insurance claim

Carrier Liability Claims Process

  • Notify us

  • Make police report

  • Preserve property

  • Do not admit liability

  • Work with us


  • Notify Insurers of any loss or damage which may give rise to a claim
  • Report to the police immediately (for vehicular accident/theft/hijacking/robbery/missing )
  • Take all steps to mitigate the extent of loss or damage
  • Do not make any admission offer or promise or payment without written consent of Insurers
  • Cooperate and provide information and assistance as required by Insurers or Adjusters.

Documentation Required

  1. Completed Claim Form;
  2. Incident Report giving detailed circumstances (cause & extent) leading to the loss or damage and your comments on negligence if possible;
  3. Police Report (for vehicular accident/theft/hijack/robbery/missing claims);
  4. Photos depicting the damaged items;
  5. Warehouse’s incoming and outgoing stock records;
  6. Delivery Order;
  7. Copy of contract/agreement/quotation letters on terms and conditions of carriage;
  8. Third Party’s official claim supported by:
    • Claim Bill/Debit Note less salvage if any;
    • Commercial Invoice/Packing List;
    • Bill of Lading/Airway Bill and Custom Declaration Form;
    • Loading/Stuffing Tally records on quantities & condition of cargo;
    • Unloading/Unstuffing Tally records on quantities & condition of cargo;
    • QC/Technical Damage Report on extent of damages and reasons for rejection (for damaged cases);
    • Repair/Replacement Bill (if applicable)
    • Furnish all further information and documentary evidence as may be required by Insurers or Adjusters.

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