Employer’s Liability Insurance Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of Employer’s Liability Insurance claim

Employer’s Liability Insurance Claims Process
  • Notify us

  • Keep us updated

  • Do not admit liability

  • Work with us


  • Notify the Insurers as soon as possible of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim;
  • Forward all correspondence, claim or writ of summons to Insurers immediately upon receipt from the claimant;
  • Do not make any admission, offer or promise or payment without written consent of Insurers;
  • Cooperate and provide any further information and assistance as Insurers or Adjusters may require.

Documentation Required

  1. Completed Claim Form;
  2. Internal Investigation Report;
  3. Medical Report or Specialist Report in the case of injuries;
  4. Medical Bills/Receipts;
  5. Police Report in the case of fatal accident;
  6. Death Certificate/Burial Certificate/Post Mortem Report in fatal case;
  7. Letter of Employment/Salary Slips/copy of Identity Card of the claimant.
  8. Any additional information and documentary evidence as may be required by Insurers or Adjusters other than above.

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