Fire Insurance Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of Fire Insurance claim

Fire Insurance Claims Process
  • Notify us

  • Notify authorities

  • Preserve property

  • Work with us


  • Give immediate notice to the Insurers by telephone;
  • Immediately notify the relevant authorities such as Fire Brigade, Police (for exception, please contact our Claims Personnel);
  • Take all steps within power to minimize the extent of loss or damage;
  • Cooperate with the Adjusters when called upon.

Documentation Required

  1. Completed Claim Form;
  2. Written Statement of Claim detailing the property lost/damaged;
  3. Police Report;
  4. Fire Brigade Report;
  5. Estimate of the cost of repair to the building and/or properties insured;
  6. Purchase invoices/receipts/valuation reports in respect of the damaged items;
  7. Stock records, delivery receipts etc as appropriate to quantify the loss or damage;
  8. Photographs depicting the damages which are the components of the claim (if no Adjuster appointed)
  9. Any additional information and documentary evidence as may be required by Insurers or Adjusters other than the above.

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