Marine Cargo Insurance Claim Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of Marine Cargo Insurance claim

Report a Claim

Marine Cargo Insurance Claim Process

  • Notify us or settling agent

  • Preserve property

  • Notify concerned parties

  • Work with surveyors


  • Report the loss/damage immediately to the Insurers or the Survey/Settling Agent named in the policy. (In the case of theft and/or pilferage claim, notice must be given to the Insurers or Survey/Settling Agent within 10 days of the expiry of the insurance)
  • Take speedy and all reasonable measures to avert or minimize any loss/damage (i.e. act as if the cargo is uninsured)
  • Give immediate notice of claim (i.e. within 3 days from receipt of the cargo) to Carriers/Port Authority/Forwarding Agent and/or third party who may be responsible for the loss/damage to preserve Insurer’s rights of recovery
  • Cooperate with the Surveyors if one is appointed

Documentation Required

  1. Original Policy or Certificate of Insurance
  2. Original Bill of Lading or Air Waybill (as applicable)
  3. Copy of Invoice and Packing List or Weight Note
  4. Notice of claim against Carriers, Port Authority, Forwarder and their replies on liability
  5. Port Inward and Outward Survey Report or Airlines Discrepancy/Damage Report (as applicable)
  6. Forwarder’s Delivery Order
  7. Delivery Receipts such as Carriers’ Loading and Discharge Tally Sheets, Containers’ Stuffing and Unstuffing Tally Records, Port Integrated Import Documents (applicable for shortages/missing or non-delivery claims)
  8. Custom Declaration Form
  9. QC Report on extent of damages and quantities affected (applicable for materials, semi-finished and finished goods)
  10. Technical/Damage Report on extent of damages (applicable for machinery)
  11. Repair/Replacement Bill(s) where applicable
  12. Claim Bill less salvage
  13. Any additional information and documentary evidence as may be required by Insurers or Surveyors other than above

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