Marine Inland / Goods-in-Transit Insurance Claim Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of Marine Inland / Goods-in-Transit Insurance claim

Marine Inland / Goods-in-Transit Insurance Claims Process

  • Notify us

  • Preserve property

  • Make police report

  • Notify concerned parties

  • Work with surveyors


  • Notify Insurers immediately
  • Take all practical steps to mitigate any loss or damage and to recover any goods lost or damaged by theft pilferage or wilful means
  • Instruct the Forwarder or Transporter to lodge a report to the police immediately (in the case of vehicular accident, theft, hijacking)
  • Give immediate notice of claim to Forwarder or Transporter holding them responsible for the loss/damage
  • Cooperate with the Surveyors when called upon

Documentation Required

  1. Completed Claim Form
  2. Police Report (as applicable)
  3. Supplier’s Invoice
  4. Supplier’s Packing List
  5. Delivery Order; Correspondence exchanges with Forwarder or Transporter on liability
  6. Copy of the contract of carriage/transportation
  7. QC Report to prove extent of damages and quantities affected (applicable for materials, semi-finished and finished goods)
  8. Technical/Damage Report on extent of damages (applicable for machinery)
  9. Repair/Replacement Bill (as applicable)
  10. Claim Bill less salvage
  11. Any additional information and documentary evidence as may be required by Insurers or Surveyors other than the above

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