Money Insurance Claim Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of Money Insurance claim

Money Insurance Claims Process

  • Notify us

  • Make police report

  • Recover losses

  • Secure premises

  • Work with adjusters


  • Give immediate notice of claim to the Insurers
  • Report the incident to the Police immediately
  • Take all practical/reasonable steps to recover the money lost
  • Take all steps to prevent a similar occurrence of "break-in"
  • Cooperate with the Adjusters when called upon

Documentation Required

  1. Completed Claim Form
  2. Written Statement of Claim on the amount lost
  3. Police Report
  4. Photographs (if necessary) of damages and point of entry (applicable to premises)
  5. Copies of Insured’s accounting records or other documentation to establish the exact amount of loss. These will include copies of receipts, payment vouchers, pay-in-slips, cheques buts, bank statements etc
  6. Furnish all information and documentary evidence as required by Insurers or Adjusters other than the above
  7. Copy of Notice of claim served on the security company and their reply (applicable to premises)

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