Accident Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of an accident claim

  • Report Your Claim

  • Selection of submission

  • Simple steps to Complete submission

  • Receipt Acknowledgement

  • Submission Log


  • Report your claims via e-Service. Please click on Login > Life Insurance eServices.
  • Select e-Claims submission via e-claims menu.
  • Select type of claim that you wish to submit (New Claim, Query reply or Appeal).
  • Follow the simple steps to complete the e-claim submission.
  • Upon successful e-Claims submission, Policy Owner will receive an e-Claims Receipt Acknowledgement in the form of screen message, SMS and email.
  • Policy Owner will be directed to " Submission Log" to view the submission records with claim details.

Documentation Required

Mandatory Documents

  1. Claim Form - Other Than Death Claim (to be completed by Claimant)
  2. Accident Claim Attending Physician's Statement (to be completed by attending physician)

Supporting Documents (whichever applicable)

  1. Receipts & itemized bills (Reimbursement)
  2. Medical leaves certificate / Employer's confirmation letter on period of medical leaves (Weekly Indemnity)
  3. Police Investigation Report
  4. Photograph of dismemberment (Dismemberment)
  5. Police Investigation Report
  6. Claims settlement letter from SOCSO / PERKESO
  7. Claims settlement letter from employer / other insurance company

Important Notes Prior to Submission

  1. Ensure completion of claim forms and completeness of all document to avoid unnecessary delay.
  2. The checklist provides a reference of the point-of-submission requirements only. The company reserves the right to request for other relevant documents and information.
  3. Policy Owner can download or print relevant claim form(s) via e-Claims “View Claims Requirements” under e-Claims menu in e-Service.
  4. For reimbursement claim, please submit the original receipts together with the e-Claims Receipt Acknowledgement to your servicing agent or our branch nearest to you.


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