MosBite Insurance Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of a MosBite Insurance claim

MosBite Insurance Claims Process

  • Seek Medical Advice

  • Notify Us

  • Submission


  • Once diagnosis is confirmed as dengue fever / Zika , obtain a copy of the Dengue Serology / Zika Test report duly signed and stamped by the physician.
  • Contact TMIM customer care team at 1-300-88-8833, giving details such as Policy Number, Name of Claimant, Date of Diagnosis as soon as possible but no later than 30 days. We will provide the claim form to you for completion.
  • Submit the claims form duly completed and signed by claimant / policy owner, together with the supporting documents to TMIM

Documentation Required

  1. Mosbite Claim Form duly completed and signed by claimant / policy owner. Click to download.
  2. Copy of result of Dengue Serology / Zika Test that has been certified by a Physician to be positive. 
  3. Copy of proof of Identification (e.g. NRIC, passport)

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