Investment-linked Fund

TokioMarine-Enterprise Fund
Aims to maximise medium- to long-term returns from quality shares listed on the Bursa Malaysia and foreign stock exchanges.

TokioMarine-Bond Fund

Aims to provide medium- to long-term accumulation of capital, from quality fixed income securities.

TokioMarine-Managed Fund
An actively managed fund that seeks to maximise medium- to long-term returns, by investing in shares and fixed income securities through:

  • TokioMarine- Enterprise Fund
  • TokioMarine-Bond Fund
  • other TokioMarine funds and third party funds that become available in the future

TokioMarine-Orient Fund
Aims to achieve medium- to long-term capital appreciation from a single collective investment scheme with select securities such as equities and linked bonds, either listed or to be listed, from Asia (non-Japanese) equities markets. 

TokioMarine-Dana Ikhtiar
Aims to provide a balance of income and potential for capital growth, from:

  • stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia or other stock exchanges
  • unlisted stocks, Islamic debt securities and other non-interest bearing assets acceptable under the principles of Shariah
    However, the investment-linked policy itself is not a Shariah-compliant product

TokioMarine-Luxury Fund
Invests in the RHB Leisure, Lifestyle & Luxury Fund which derives long term capital appreciation by investing in equities, and equity related securities issued by companies that:

  • provide goods and services in the leisure, lifestyle and luxury market
  • offer any other collective investment schemes with similar investment objectives

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