Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Tokio Marine Group is committed to raising its value as a good corporate citizen.  By effectively contributing to the sustainable growth of society, by supporting programmes that benefit the communities where we work, live and play, we prosper to the extent that we satisfy human needs. The end goal is better living for everyone.

Corporate Philosophy

The Tokio Marine Corporate Philosophy is shared by all group companies:

  • By ensuring the highest quality products and services, Tokio Marine Group will deliver safety and security to all our customers.
  • By developing sound, profitable growing businesses through the world, Tokio Marine Group will fulfill its mandate to our shareholders.
  • By continuing to build an open and dynamic corporate culture, Tokio Marine Group will enable each and every employee to realize his or her creative potential.
  • By acting as a good corporate citizen through fair and responsible management, Tokio Marine Group will broadly contribute to the development of society.

CSR Charter

The Tokio Marine Group is committed to fulfilling its CSR by implementing its management philosophy to achieve sustainable growth together with the development of society, in accordance with the following principles:

  • Products and Services
    To provide our customers with products and services for their safety and security.
  • Respect for Human Rights and Dignity
    • We respect and actively promote recognition of human rights for all.
    • We strive to ensure an energetic, safe and healthy working environment.
    • We promote training and education for our employees.
    • We respect everyone’s right to privacy, and advocate control of persona linformation.
  • Protection of Global Environment
    We acknowledge our responsibility to protect the global environment, by striving to be more conscious and respectful of our planet in all our activities.
  • Contribution to Local Communities and Societies 
    We respect the diversity of cultures and customs in different countries and regions, and we actively contribute to the needs of the current era.
  • Compliance
    We will maintain high ethical standards at all times, which we will apply to every aspect of our business.
  • Communication
    We commit to disclosing information in a timely and appropriate manner, and promoting dialogue with all of our stakeholders to ensure effective corporate management.

Adding more CSR muscle

The Tokio Marine Group of Companies in Singapore is a member of the Singapore Compact for CSR. This is a national society which aims to broaden collaboration for effective CSR strategies.