Our Vision

To be the best managed life insurance company in Singapore.

Our Values

To be a Good Company

Look Beyond Profit

We act with integrity for the benefit of our customers, business partners, and society

  • As an insurance company, we always seek what lies beyond profit; that is to say we always give the benefit to your customers, business partners and society.
  • To realise our business purpose, understand the meaning of our existence, why we do our business; this will become the source of our competitiveness.
  • We must build a strong and vibrant company that is sustainable and for this we need to make a profit.
Empower our People

We inspire engagement and passion in all of our employees

  • As we deal with intangible products and services, our people and the credibility and trust they build with our customers are the foundation of our business.
  • Motivated and proactive people and a dynamic organization are the drivers of Good Company. They produce results by deepening trust and relationships with our customers, business partners, society and colleagues.
  • We must embrace diversity and create an organization in which all employees are proud to be a part.
Deliver on Commitments

We achieve high quality results by enhancing stakeholder trust

  • We are committed to continuously delivering results in the long term.
  • These results are a consequence and a measure of the trust we have gained from our customers, business partners, shareholders and society. This means that enhancing trust through our daily activities is critical.
  • We must be driven by our own desire to achieve these results and be accountable for them.