TM Nest Egg (GIO CashBack) was introduced in January 2014, targeting at customers who prefer savings product with yearly access to cash. The first Guaranteed Cash Benefit commences as early as the 2nd Policy Anniversary and continues to be payable yearly up to a year before maturity. The plan offers attractive returns of up to 3.8%1 p.a. and the assurance of capital guaranteed2 if held to maturity.

Now we have made it easier for you with the following enhancements, effective from 28 February 2014 (Friday).

1. Up to 9 Savings Options
2. Easy Start-Up with as low as $1503 per month

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1 Based on age 1, female non-smoker, 5 pay 20 years plan, paid-out option and guaranteed yearly cash benefit of S$15,000.
2 Applicable to annual premium payment mode.
3 Applicable to 15 & 20 pay premium terms.

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February 28, 2014


Life Insurance

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