Hospital & Surgical Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of a Hospital & Surgical claim

Report a Claim

Hospital & Surgical Claims Process

  • Notify Us

  • Work with us

  • Submit form and documents


  • Notify your intermediary or us immediately of any occurrence which may produce a claim.
  • If we appoint Adjusters or Surveyors, please work with them to assist in the investigations.
  • Complete the claim form and submit the required documents within 30 days from the date of treatment in the hospital/clinic unless a specific claim notification period is mentioned in the policy.
  • Make a copy of the submitted documents and retain for future reference purposes.

Documents Required for Submission

  1. A completed full set of Hospital & Surgical claim form (original).
    • Insured member fills in Part I
    • Attending physician fills in Part II
  2. Original official medical receipt(s) including but not limited to Hospital Tax Invoice, Attending Physician Bill(s), Receipt of Supplies Purchase (if applicable), etc. stating the treatment date, patient's name, diagnosis and breakdown of charges.

  3. Other supporting documents (e.g. medical reports, inpatient discharge summary, claim statements from other insurance companies).

How to report

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