What is TMCare Group Hospital & Surgical (Foreign Workers) insurance?

It is a bill protection plan which covers the cost of surgical treatment and hospitalisation for employees who are either Work Permit or S-Pass holders. You receive: 

  • Affordable and low-cost plan to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Coverage of $15,000 per disability and premium at less than 33 cents per day for your employees

Key coverage

Here is an overview of your coverage

Standard cover

Standard cover

  • Hospital Room & board (max 60 days)
  • Intensive care unit room & board (max 10 days)
  • Hospital miscellaneous services
  • Surgery
  • Specialist consultation, examination and laboratory test (pre-hospitalization charges) for a maximum of 90 days prior to admission
  • Post-hospitalization treatment maximum 90 days after discharge from hospital

Free additional coverage

  • Repatriation of body remains benefit
    This would apply when a non-work related death occurs.
  • Permanent Total Disability benefit
    This applies when a non-work related accident occurs. 

Important note

Important note

  • The above insurance provides protection for foreign workers (excluding foreign domestic maids) for medical costs covering hospitalization, surgery and other related expenses as a result of non-work related sickness or accident within Singapore during the policy year.
  • Work-injury related medical cost is subject to a limit of $15,000, is payable only after the compulsory Work Injury Compensation Act coverage for medical expenses is payable and the maximum limit had been exhausted.
  • This policy comprises of coverage inclusive of a hospital room & board (Private, Government and/or Government restructured hospital), Intensive Care Unit room and board in Singapore.
  • No co-insurance deductible applies with regard to this policy. 

How much is my premium?

Your premium as an employer depends on your employees’:

  • Age
  • Group size
  • Underwriting requirements

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What we don’t cover

  • Any known medical condition which has occurred before the issuance of the policy.
  • Hospitalisation or surgical charges incurred for the treatment of congenital abnormalities or physical defects that have been in existence since birth.
  • Out-patient treatment that is not related to in-patient treatment or day surgery except where it is resulting from an accident.
  • Hospitalisation primarily for diagnosis, x-ray examinations, general physical or medical check-up.
  • Treatment for obesity, weight reduction, correction of vision, prostheses and cosmetic, plastic and implants surgery.
  • Payment for medical appliances, spectacles, lenses, hearing aids, wheel chairs.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases or communicable diseases requiring isolation or quarantine.
  • Treatments for pregnancy-related matters and miscarriage (except as a result of an accident).
  • Injury resulting from war and terrorism. 
This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the sample policy contract for the full list of exclusions under this policy.
Important information

This insurance is underwritten by Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd. All benefits and features mentioned here are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Please refer to the policy contract for the precise terms and conditions of this insurance plan. The information shown here is for reference only.

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