Marine Cargo Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of a Marine claim

Report a claim

Marine Cargo Claims Process

  • Notify us and relevant parties

  • Call for survey

  • Mitigate loss

  • Report to the Police

  • Examine the goods


  • Notify your intermediary or us immediately of any occurrence which may produce a claim.
  • Give notice in writing to the Carriers or other Bailees within 3 days of the delivery of cargo if the loss or damage was not apparent at the time of delivery.
  • Call for survey immediately and request the Carrier or other Bailees to attend joint survey
  • For imports , contact your broker/agent or Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd.
  • For exports, contact the survey agent stated in the Insurance Certificate/Policy
  • Take all practical steps to mitigate the loss or damage.
  • Report to the police immediately (within 24 hours, if possible) in case of theft, burglary and/or malicious damage.
  • Take photos of the damaged goods, if applicable
  • Do not dispose the damaged goods, if applicable
  • To clause delivery receipts where goods are received in doubtful condition. Failure to note evident damage may allow the Carrier or other Bailees to legally deny any claim.
  • When delivery is made by container, to ensure that the container and its seal are examined immediately. To clause delivery receipt and retain defective seals if:
    1) Container is delivered damaged
    2) Seals are broken or missing or seals are other than as stated in the shipping documents
  • For both missing and damaged cargo, to claim immediately on the Carriers, the Port Authorities and/or other Bailees.

Documents Required for Submission

Submit the following documents for your claim:

  • Insurance Certificate/Policy
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading/Airway Bill with terms and conditions on the reverse side
  • Survey Report or other documentary evidence to show the extent of the loss or damage
  • Delivery Note/Receipt/Order
  • Correspondence exchanged with the Carriers and other parties regarding their liability for the loss or damage.

Additional Documents may be requested (if applicable) but not limited to:

  • Inspection/Technical/QC Report
  • Repair/Replacement Quotations
  • Claim Bill
  • Vessel’s Out-turn Report
  • Cargo Manifest
  • Container Damage Report or Equipment Interchange Receipt
  • Tally Sheets
  • Written confirmation of Non-Delivery from Carrier
  • Police Statement/Report for theft/hijack cases 

Duties of Insured

  • Take measures as may be reasonable for the purpose of averting or minimizing a loss.
    · Remove cargo from wet packagings to prevent additional damage from occurring.
    · Put damaged cargo aside pending insurer’s decision whether a survey is required.
    · To assist/cooperate in the reworking/ reconditioning/ repacking/ testing/ repairs etc of the affected cargo.
    · To assist/cooperate in the salvage sale.
  • Ensure that all rights against Carriers, Bailees or other third parties are properly preserved and exercised. 

How to make a report

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