MNCs and Large Local Enterprises (LLEs) have diverse insurance needs. With rapid globalization and ever-increasing mobility, even LLEs are considering globalized insurance solutions for expansion overseas or for their expatriate hires.

At Tokio Marine, we commit to your insurance requirements with our comprehensive portfolio of customizable solutions.

Employee Benefits

Multi-National Pooling

Pooling arrangements offer MNCs a tool to optimize their global employee benefits program, with advantages like risk-sharing across the entire organization, economies of scale, and an international dividend for a favourable experience.

As a network partner of MAXIS in Singapore, we are able to provide Multi-National Pooling arrangements specific to your organisation.

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Local Experience Refund

A Local Experience Refund can be offered to MNCs or Large Local Enterprises (LLEs). At the end of the policy period, MNCs or LLEs that have a positive result are rewarded with a partial refund of their paid premiums.

International Expatriate Cover

Our GMC Care & Health program is a medical insurance plan catered to expatriates and their families whilst they are on assignment. It provides generous benefits internationally for both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

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Recognizing that empowering employees improves engagement, many companies are implementing Flexible Benefit programmes. Employees can choose from a menu of benefits to best meet their lifestyle needs.

Industry Benchmarking & Benefit Survey

An Employee Benefits programme can be a useful tool in attracting and retaining employees. When designing the program, it is crucial to ensure the benefits are aligned with your competitors and your industry. With our wealth of experience and information, we can assist you in the design or improvement of your Employee Benefit programme through Benchmarking & Benefit Surveys.

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