When it comes to movies there are only seven types of plots: overcoming the monster, rags to riches, the quest, voyage and return, comedy, tragedy and rebirth. Similarly, there are only five types of road trips you can embark on. Here’s our road trip guide, with a few movie examples so you can see what you’re getting yourself into.

The Romance Trip

Everyone is looking for love. It could be single friends looking for romance, a mismatched couple discovering an unexpected bond or an attempt to save a relationship.

What to watch: We know they’re not in a car but Shrek is the ultimate odd couple getting together flick while Road Trip is for those mending a long distance relationship.

What you’ll need: Quick access to a romantic restaurant, and a movie ticket.

The Horror Trip

Travelling somewhere new, especially in a car, means you might rely on the help from local to avoid a disaster such as a being stuck in the middle of nowhere. How you treat them can make or break your holiday. So be nice.

What to watch: Wolf Creek and Jeepers Creepers are examples of how not to treat the locals.

What you’ll need: A mobile phone that loses reception at critical times and life insurance.

The Growing Up Trip

Getting out on the road, especially when you’re young, is a learning experience – a rite of passage. It could be a solo adventure in a new land or a family trip bringing you all together.

What to watch: Borat will teach you all you need to know about immersing yourself in a foreign culture while Little Miss Sunshine offers tips to survive the dysfunctional family outing.

What you’ll need: A diary to record all the poignant moments, or just a camera and all your Instagram filtering skills.

The Mission Trip

Are you on the road with a purpose? You need to get from point A to point B with no messing around. Well, you’d better be focused on this road trip.

What to watch: The Blues Brothers as they attempt to put the band back together or Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle as they search for an elusive hamburger.

What you’ll need: A car in great condition so it does not break down. If it does, make sure you have insurance with roadside assistance included.

The Nowhere Trip

The world is falling to pieces around you. You need to get out on the road, clear your head, escape and head somewhere fun.

What to watch: Mad Max as he burns rubber down a post-apocalyptic highway hoping for a petrol stop or Zombieland as you stay ahead of the walking dead.

What you’ll need: A tent, so you have a bit of shelter when you’re sleeping in the middle of nowhere.



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