Education Funding

A good education can be priceless. It can be pricey too. Use our calculator to estimate how much you need to set aside.

Fill in the figures below to get an estimate on the amount required for your child's education fund
Current age of your child
Age that he/she will
be attending University
Expected University tuition fees now
Projected rate of increase
in education cost
Existing funds available now
Projected rate of return
on existing funds
In 0 years to your child's education in a University
Total funds required for tertiary education
Less total funds available at future value
Amount of education Funding Needed

Important notes:
- The calculators are meant for assistance with financial planning and are for general reference only. 
- Information generated from these calculators does not constitute as professional advice, and clients are advised to consult their financial representatives to seek financial advice tailored to their specific objectives, financial situation and particular needs before making any decision. 

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