Motor Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of a Motor claim

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Motor Claims Process

  • Collect information

  • Call the police or an ambulance

  • Report the accident

  • Work with us


  • Registration number(s) of the other vehicle(s).
  • Name(s) and contact number(s) of the other driver(s)
  • Date, time and location of accident.
  • Name(s) and contact number(s) of witness(es), if any
  • Damages caused to the other vehicle(s).
  • Damages caused to your own vehicle.
  • Injuries, if any, caused to person(s) involved in the accident.
  • If possible, take photographs of the positions of the vehicles after the accident, the accident site and the damages caused to the vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Call ambulance if someone is injured.
  • Report to the police:
    1) if injury is sustained; or
    2) where a government vehicle or property is involved; or
    3) where a foreign registered vehicle is involved; or
    4) where a cyclist or pedestrian is involved.
  • Report the accident at any one of our Approved Workshops.
  • Instruct our approved workshop on whether you are reporting for record purposes, claiming from your own policy or against third party’s policy.
  • If you are claiming from your own policy, we shall send a surveyor to view your vehicle once we receive the report form and estimated cost of repair.
  • If we appoint Adjusters or Surveyors, please work with them to assist in the investigations.
  • Forward accident footage from in-vehicle camera to us.

Guidelines on What to Do After an Accident

1.     Do not admit liability or make any offer to a third party.

2.     Refer and forward all the following documents to us immediately for our perusal and direction:

  • Original copy of any Writ of Summons;
  • All composition fine or other documents from the traffic police;
  • All correspondence/notice of claim from a third party.

When to make a report

About an Accident

Always report an accident at our Approved Workshops and Reporting Centres, even if it doesn’t give rise to a claim, if the accident happens during:

  • Weekdays – Report within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Weekend or a Public Holiday – Report by the next working day.

To the Police

Always make a report at the nearest Police Post if:

  • An injury is sustained; or
  • where the injured was sent to hospital by an ambulance; or
  • where the injured was sent to hospital by any other kind of vehicle and he was hospitalised or given outpatient medical leave for 3 days or more; or
  • where the motorist did not go to hospital but was subsequently discovered with injuries arising from the accident and was hospitalised or given medical leave for 3 days or more.
  • A government vehicle or property is involved; or
  • A foreign registered vehicle is involved; or
  • A cyclist or pedestrian is involved.

Why make a report?

Failure to do so may result in you:

  • Losing all or part of your NCD
  • Having your claim declined
For more information on Motor Claims Framework, you can visit the GIA website.

How to make a report

Why choose our workshops

  • Free 24-hour towing service for accident-related breakdowns assistance.
  • 6 months warranty on labour and spare parts changed.
  • They are strategically located and conveniently accessible.
  • They can help you claim your property losses against the other party if the other party is liable for the accident.
  • They have been selected to render you excellent service.

Filing a report

You will need the following

  • Motor Certificate of Insurance

    Motor Certificate of Insurance

  • Driving Licence

    Driving Licence

  • Company stamp (if the vehicle is registered under the name of a company)

    Company stamp (if the vehicle is registered under the name of a company)

Reporting an accident in Malaysia


Report at the nearest Malaysia Police Station.


Vehicle disabled and need a tow truck to bring it back to Singapore? Call one of our Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd. list of approved workshops for assistance.


Need other assistance? Call +65 6CAL TMIS (6225 8647)


Once back in Singapore, file your claim as above.

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