Travel Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of a Travel claim

Report a Claim

Travel Claims Process

  • Notify Us

  • Mitigate loss

  • Report to the Police

  • Collect information

  • Work with us

  • Submit form and documents


  • Notify your intermediary or us immediately of any occurrence which may produce a claim.
  • Take all practical steps to mitigate the loss or damage.
  • Report to the policy immediately (within 24 hours, if possible) in case of theft, burglary and/or malicious damage.
  • Take photos of the damaged property, if applicable
  • Do not dispose the damaged property, if applicable
  • If we appoint Adjusters or Surveyors, please work with them to assist in the investigations.
  • Complete the claim form and submit the required documents.

Documents Required for Submission

  1. A completed Travel claim form (original).
  2. A detailed list of claims for the damaged or lost property.
  3. Photos of the damaged property, if applicable.
  4. Police statement and report, if police is involved.
  5. Documents issued by airline/airport/common carrier/travel agent, if applicable.
  6. A copy of the boarding passes and itinerary.
  7. Any additional information and documents as and when required by us or adjustor.

How to report

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