What is NFL?

If premium remains unpaid after the grace period and there is sufficient cash value in the policy, the unpaid premiums would automatically be advanced from the cash value as a loan to keep your policy in-force.  

How can I know that the policy is under NFL?

A NFL notice will be sent to you on activation of NFL.  

Will there be interest chargeable?

The prevailing interest rate on the loan is 6.3% per annum compounded on a monthly rest basis.
The Company may change the interest at any time.  

Do I need to repay the NFL?

In order not to lose valuable coverage, it is advisable to repay the NFL. If the NFL together with accrued interest exceeds the cash value of the Policy, the Policy will terminate and become void.  

How do I repay the NFL?

Call our Customer Service hotline at 6592-6100