What if you are at risk

Businesses today are exposed to a variety of risks. Many of them are losing benefits due to the lack of alignment with the strategy of risk controls and safety procedures. Moreover, factory managers do not always have a full understanding of the risks in these functional areas.

While businesses need to recognize the risk impact of their actions, they also need to be aware of the opportunities which managing risks can offer. Just as important is the ability to take advantage of these opportunities.

Tokio Marine Sri Muang Insurance, the subsidiary company of Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd, offers comprehensive services to support your risk management strategy. To take advantage of these services, take our Risk Survey. Among other things, it will make you more aware of loss control recommendations, which are critical for successful risk management.

To achieve the full benefits, a risk survey should be done to recognize risk impact – whilst keeping these objectives in mind.

For an insurance company
1. To gather relevant information of your business to provide a suitable insurance that covers various risks
2. To calculate a correct premium
3. To indemnify the insured if an accident occurs

For businesses
1. To gather relevant information of your plant to provide a suitable insurance plan that covers various risks
2. To calculate a correct premium
3. To indemnify the insured if an accident occurs
4. To reduce loss, loss prevention activities and advise the insured

Count the benefits
There are 3 advantages of operating a risk survey in factory for fire insurance.

1. To realize the large scale of risk and transfer it to an insurance company: If any loss or damage happens which is in the policy coverage, we shall indemnify the insured according to the loss or damage.

2. To develop the activities of loss prevention regarding the survey recommendation: We shall recommend the risk impact and produce a loss prevention report after risk survey. This is to reduce or prevent loss or damage that might happen.

3. To support the intermittent activities due to the restoration period after loss: If you have to face loss or damage to property insured, Business Cooperation Plan (BCP) is vital to your company survival to guide you to be able to continue the business. In this case we shall provide special service for setting and practicing BCP. (This service in Thailand is still under examination.)

Specialized survey assistance
A Risk Survey will be managed by a specialized Risk Survey team. This team is fully backed up and supported by the engineering services of Group Company. Among other aspects, the team will cover:
● Frequency of accidental damage, damageability etc.  will be evaluated by MCOPE. Apart from disaster prevention, the need of risk management, safety procedures, and loss control activities will be implemented.
● Recommendations for useful loss control recommendations
● Loss Advice Report for property damage in English and Thai

Use of cutting-edge technology
Infrared thermography is used to detect problems in electrical systems and equipment, such as loose connections of breakers and insulators. This technology is simple. All objects emit heat or infrared electromagnetic energy, most of which is invisible to us.  An infrared thermograph camera detects and converts this invisible thermal energy to a visible image -- which provides precise information for businesses to:

  • improve safety operation and efficiency
  • reduce the incidence of costly, unscheduled shutdowns that can occur
  • prevent damage by detecting equipment failure in its early stages
  • enhance productivity
  • save money by locating areas of poor performance

Investigation Point 
The objective of a Risk Survey is to gather relevant information to provide you with useful recommendations, mainly on Loss Prevention Management:
● Fire fighting plan, safety rules and emergency organization
● Self-inspection and maintenance of plant facilities and equipment
● Status of facilities and equipment in line with processes and utilities
● Measures and protection against fire and explosion hazards
●  Control over ignition sources, including cutting and welding operation
●  Status of structural facilities in buildings including firewalls, fire doors, interior finish and partitions
●  Housekeeping and waste disposal
●  Protection against flammable and combustible storage/material
●  Fire protection systems
●  Effects of business interruption in the event of accidents

 Our findings will be discussed with your staff, in particular those who participated in the survey.  

Survey Results
Our survey report will concentrate on weak points and adverse conditions that are potential financial losses. Our goal is to help you eliminate or reduce the potential for any loss. Going further we will also identify safety rules and emergency organization settings.