Householder’s Insurance Claim Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of a Householder's claim

What is the process for making a Householder’s Insurance Claim?

  • Complete a Claims Form

  • Make a police report

  • Provide evidence to support your claim


  • Ensure you fill in complete details of loss or damage
  • In case of theft, submit a copy of the report to us
  • Completed Insurer's Claim Form
  • Details of Loss or Property damage
  • Copy of Police Report in case of theft
  • Quotation for repair
  • Value of property damage
  • Photographs on property damage and/or premise damage (if required)
  • Repair or replacement bills
  • Additional evidences are required by us or the Adjuster

What to do after an accident

  1. Notify our Claims Department by phone as soon as possible
  2. In case of theft, the insured must notify the police and take one copy for our evidence
  3. Maintain all damaged property for our inspection
  4. Take photographs of all property damage to support your claim
  5. Provide any evidence to support your claim, as requested by us
  6. Cooperate with us and the Adjuster to facilitate all claim handling

When to make a report

Notify our Claims Department by phone as soon as possible, with details of loss or damage, and current situation.

Always report the accident to Tokio Marine as below contact number in "How to make a report" session

  • Weekdays (within 24 hours)
  • Weekends & Public Holidays (within 24 hour)

Why make a report?

By not making a report you may

  • Lose all the claim benefits/rights that you are entitled to get and / or
  • Ignore your responsibility to yourself and other involved parties

How to make a report

Reporting a householder’s loss in Thailand


Make a report at the nearest police station. (if required)


Bring a copy of the police report to us.

Duration of claim processing and reimbursement

The Company shall pay the amount of loss or damage within 15 days from date of settlement of claims and upon the Company's receipt of all valid proof of the loss or damage.