A newborn baby may turn your life upside-down – especially for first-time parents. We know you’ve got the basics covered – cot, diapers, change table, baby bath – but there are a few other items that can make the whole experience a little easier.

Phone numbers on the wall
Yes, we know all your numbers are in your phone, but have you ever tried scrolling through your contacts with a screaming infant in one arm? Pull together all the numbers you think you’ll need – emergency, doctor, neighbour, partner – and stick them on the wall, fridge, above the TV or toilet door. Anywhere that’s easy to see.

Frozen meals
As much as you think you can look after a new baby all day and still whip up a full meal at night, the truth is you won’t. One parent will most probably be working while the other will attend to the junior’s every whim. Have plenty of frozen meals on hand to make sure you actually eat.

Family protection
A new baby is a busy and stressful time. There’s no point in making things harder on yourself. You’ll need an insurance policy that covers your house, contents and family against unforseen accidents. If you’re covered, you can concentrate on the real job – feeding and changing diapers!

Block out curtains
Apart from feeding, newborns also sleep a lot. They need to; being a baby is exhausting. You probably wouldn’t realise how the light in your house is, until you’re trying to get your baby down for daytime nap. If the sunlight prompts your baby to wake too early or have trouble sleeping, block out curtains will create a dark room to help them sleep better. But who are we kidding - they’re also for you to catch a quick nap during the day.

Wet wipes
This one probably sounds obvious, but wet wipes aren’t just for the change table. You’re going to be cleaning everything with these for the next two years. Have some within easy reach everywhere in the house and the car.

Mothers Whatsapp group
A mother’s group is a big part of any new parents’ life (dads included). Even though they aren’t available for face-to-face emergency meetings 24/7, a Whatsapp group allows you to reach out at anytime for support and advice. Chances are, you’ll find other mothers up too.

Rugged phone case
You will now drop your phone 100 times a day and also probably leave it in the fridge. Might as well keep it protected.

Seven pairs of pyjamas
You can forget about wearing real outfits for a while, or a regular morning shower for that matter. You might as well be comfortable, and have something that’s easy to clean because babies can make all types of messes. Besides, loungewear is an actual trend now so - rock it!

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