Based in Singapore, Tokio Marine Asia (TM Asia) is an established regional headquarters and intermediate holding company, located at the Tokio Marine Centre in Singapore. Our organisation oversees 7 P&C Insurance companies and 5 Life Insurance companies in 7 countries, which employs over 5,000 people across the region.

TM Asia, is a sister company of Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd, with 100% shareholding by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. 

TM Asia provides support to new and current business activities for both Tokio Marine P&C and Life insurance operations within the region. Our expertise lies in providing management and technical support to new business activities, as well as development and enhancement of products and services.

Our History

Based in Singapore, Tokio Marine Management Services Pte Ltd began providing insurance-related services to Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Co. Ltd’s regional subsidiaries in 1992. (Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co. Ltd later merged with The Nichido Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Ltd, forming Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd.)

As part of the group’s growth strategy, Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Co. Ltd transferred part of its function to Tokio Marine Management Services Pte Ltd, and in 2001 the organisation began managing group companies within the Asia region. Whilst continuing the management of group companies in Asia, Tokio Marine Management Services Pte Ltd was rebranded in 2006, changing its name to Tokio Marine Asia Pte Ltd (TM Asia).

TM Asia’s Vision

TM Asia Structure
TM Asia Structure


We lead our Group Companies (GCs) to grow sustainably in dynamic Asia with their customers’ trust as core foundation:

  • TM Asia shall be responsible to provide the leadership and direction to our group companies to enable them to win customers trust, empower them to embrace, adapt and manage the diversity in dynamic Asia
  • The success of each GC in their respective jurisdiction will allow Tokio Marine Group to play a role in contributing to the development of the economy in line with the Good Company concept  


The 4 Key Pillars of TM Asia’s mission are:

Leadership and Guidance

  • TM Asia is responsible to provide strategic leadership to GCs by setting clear direction and goals for GCs
  • TM Asia will provide guidance and collaborate with GCs to achieve set Goals and commitments.


  • TM Asia shall extend professional support, resources and services to complement or to enhance GCs capabilities (e.g. Center of Excellence, Shared Service, Best Practice with Training Support)
  • TM Asia must support all our employees by providing an environment where they can maximize their potential and contribute to the best of their abilities and capabilities

Innovation to drive the future

  • TM Asia needs to constantly innovate and utilize innovations to help GCs drive their business for the future

Govern effectively for stakeholders

  • TM Asia and GCs will be collectively responsible, transparent and accountable to all stakeholders



TMA’s Values are set out in these 5 core values to be embraced by our employees in a “Spirited” manner.

Values – S.P.I.R.I.T.E.D

Steadfast, Passionate, Integrity, Resourceful, Innovative, Teamwork, Embracing Diversity

Steadfast and Passionate in all that we do (Execute Steadily)

Being steadfast means we have to be committed and dependable so that we can be relied on

Having Passion in what we do ensure we always deliver our promises to the best of our abilities   

Integrity as a core of our commitments (Be fair)

Our integrity in all our commitments enable our customers and partners to trust and have faith in us

Resourceful & Innovative to face all our challenges (Think boldly)

To be resourceful and innovative means that we can face any challenges that cross our path as these values guide us to be creative and efficient

Teamwork to ensure success (Row towards the same direction)

Only by collaborating closely with one another will we be able to reach our common goals

Embracing Diversity as our culture (Be Humble)

Having a culture of openness to embrace the diversity all our employees bring to the Company will allow us to maximize our potential


With these Values as part of the DNA in TM Asia’s mission objectives, TM Asia will be able to lead the GCs and to fulfill the Good Company Concept of the Group in Asia.