Jakarta, 14 August 2014 - In order to show our commitment and responsibility to the community in creating better generation, PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia (TMLI) collaborates with Happy Hearts Fund Indonesia (HHFI) in rebuilding one school, TK Sayyid Islam and SD MI Umul Khoir at Jl. Kalibaru Barat, Cilincing, North Jakarta. This activity is aligned with TMLI's social mission that seeks to provide better access towards children education in Indonesia. Moreover, we also encourage our employees to actively participate in some social activities such as teaching, drawing and many others which will be conducted in a regular basis.

David J. Beynon, TMLI President Director, said, “Our involvement in rebuilding this school shows our concern towards children education in Indonesia. Altogether, it is one of our efforts to help cultivating children education.”

TK Sayyid Islam and SD MI Umul Khoir was selected by TMLI because the school had been constantly flooded for two consecutive years. The floods had badly damaged its construction, playground area, and learning facilities such as tables, chairs, and books. Moreover, this school did not have a proper sanitation facilities. Based on the data from BPS-Statistics Indonesia and World Bank in 2010, Cilincing sub-district is among the top 3 areas of dense population in Jakarta with population density reaching 9,355 people per square kilometer, and ± 19,000 families living in poverty. The biggest concentration is at Kalibaru district where ± 8,400 families live in poverty.

The process of rebuilding TK Sayyid Islam and SD MI Umul took only 3 months to complete, and now it is ready to be used by dozens of kindergarten and elementary students. The students and teachers are also benefited with the new playground area, learning facilities, and decent sanitation facilities so they do not have to lodge at their neighbors’ anymore.

Sylvia Beiwinkler, CEO of HHFI, showed positive respond towards TMLI’s effort to rebuild one school in Cilincing, North Jakarta, as well as the active role of its employees which will be involved directly in the social activities. “We are really happy to see how these students, who previously were unable to study at the school as it was badly damaged, now are able to go studying there. This makes us really happy,” said Sylvia Beiwinkler.

As part of our corporate social responsibility program, TMLI hopes that the rebuilding of this school could contribute to the improvement of children’s education in Indonesia.

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August 14, 2014


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