Before we tell you our story, we want to know yours. Tell us, are you a fresh graduate taking on your first job or leaving the comforts of home to pursue a promising career abroad? Then again you could be standing on more stable ground, looking to build a business or even a family. Maybe you’ve achieved all that you need to and you’re finally looking to retire.

Whichever point you’re journeying through, one thing is for sure, you make up the 2.5 billion people in Asia who will be experiencing the vast economic shift occurring in the next 20 years. This shift will present both opportunities and pitfalls – all of which could inevitably play a part in shaping your life story. Now the question is – Are you ready to write your next chapter?

Now, let us tell you our story. Over the years, TOKIO MARINE has gained vast experience in championing progress and we’ve grown to understand the importance of how insurance can be used as a tool to navigate financial challenges, live out loud and take on formidable risks which are vital to reaping success. This is how insurance has made many modern day miracles possible because it has given the common man, the confidence to take risks with no fear.

When it comes to traversing this looming economic occurrence wisely, Tokio Marine can be a valuable partner in your journey. Our experience has embedded in us a natural skill for being a ‘peoples’ financial partner and a commitment to being a responsible company. Our mission is to harness the positive impact of insurance to help hone your personal development and to bolster economic development on a wider level. But why choose Tokio Marine?

We don’t believe in frightening you into buying insurance. That just doesn’t work for us and neither is it what we’ve been doing for the past 130 years. We want you to see insurance as approachable, and understand it first before anything else. Our ambition is to help you realise quality progress with our tailored products which suit your needs for every stage of life. When you come on board with Tokio Marine, we become your societal partner, a part of your life, grow with you and see you through your endeavors with our products and services.

We take pride in helping you find the courage to look towards an uncertain future, not with misguided optimism or passive realism, but with a confidence that you’ve financially safeguarded your way of life and to freedom to explore countless opportunities. With Tokio Marine, you’re in good company. This is the Tokio Marine way.

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