Medical, Hospitalization & Surgical Claims Process

Follow these simple steps to expedite filing of a Medical, Hospitalization & Surgical claim

  • Report Your Claim

  • Selection of submission

  • Simple steps to Complete submission

  • Receipt Acknowledgement

  • Submission Log


  • Report your claims via e-Service. Please click on Login > Life Insurance eServices.
  • Select e-Claims submission via e-claims menu.
  • Select type of claim that you wish to submit (New Claim, Query reply or Appeal).
  • Follow the simple steps to complete the e-claim submission.
  • Upon successful e-Claims submission, Policy Owner will receive an e-Claims Receipt Acknowledgement in the form of screen message, SMS and email.
  • Policy Owner will be directed to " Submission Log" to view the submission records with claim details.

Documentation Required

Mandatory Documents

  1. Claim Form - Other Than Death Claim (to be completed by Claimant)
  2. Hospitalisation & Surgical Claim Attending Physician's Statement  (to be completed by attending physician)
  3. Original Receipt(s) & itemised bill(s) (reimbursement claim)

Supporting Documents (whichever applicable)

  1. Certified True Copy of Assured's passport with entry records (for overseas treatment)
  2. Claims settlement letter from employer (if claim was partially settled by employer)
  3. Claims settlement letter from other insurance company (if claim was partially settled by other insurance company)
  4. Referral letter / doctor's statement with diagnosis (if expenses not incurred by admitting physician)
  5. Discharge summary (Hospitalisation Benefit)

Important Notes Prior to Submission

  1. Ensure completion of claim forms and completeness of all document to avoid unnecessary delay.

  2. Policy Owner can download or print relevant claim form(s) via e-Claims “View Claims Requirements” under e-Claims menu in e-Service.

  3. For reimbursement claim, please submit the original receipts together with the e-Claims Receipt Acknowledgement to your servicing agent or our branch nearest to you.

  4. The checklist provides a reference of the point-of-submission requirements only. The company reserves the right to request for other relevant documents and information.