Debit Card Transaction - Card Not Present (CNP)
Effective 1st January 2016, to protect debit cardholders and mitigate the risk of unauthorised transactions. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) requires the cardholder to expressly activate / opt-in to conduct transactions for debit card under CNP. 

If you are currently using / plan to use debit card to pay for your TMLM policies, please ensure the following are performed to ensure uninterrupted coverage under your policies:

  1. Contact the bank’s call centre or visit any of its branches.
  2. Check with your card issuing banks to confirm if the debit card is allowed for direct debit transactions.
  3. Check if any default setting on your debit card and deactivate any restricted settings, if any.
  4. Increase the default limit or confirm with the bank on maximum limit imposed to avoid any unsuccessful billing attempts.
  5. Inform the bank that you would like to activate / opt-in to perform CNP transactions. Please note that this is a one time activation / opt-in exercise for each card.
  6. Ensure there is sufficient fund / limit at all times.

Please also note that if you already have an existing auto-debit arrangement using your debit cards, you need NOT send an updated auto-debit form after activating / opting-in for CNP transactions.

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