Since its establishment in 1879 as the Japan's first non-life insurance company, Tokio Marine Group has been expanding its business globally from the domestic non-life insurance business to the life insurance business and the international insurance business. The international network continues to grow in more than 480 cities and 35 countries.

The presence of Tokio Marine Group in Indonesia as the combination of the holding company’s expertise and customized needs of Indonesia people for life insurance products and services through establishment of PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia (TMLI) in 2012. Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia provides a wide range of life insurance products such as unit-linked, traditional, and sharia products; including health products, wealth accumulation, retirement, and education which are marketed through agency as well as alternative distribution channels. Until Agustus 2018, Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia has a substantial network with 10 marketing offices in 9 cities throughout Indonesia and will continue to expand in near future.

PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia has been registered and monitored by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). The agent who generated marketing has been registered and monitored by OJK or a life insurance association pointed by OJK. TMLI Business License refer to approval of Ministry of Finance Republik Indonesia No. KEP-597/KM.10/2012 issued on 29 October 2012.


TMLI believes that the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) standard and values are the main requirements to achieve maximum business result that will be beneficial not only for TMLI but all stakeholders especially our customers. Therefore, TMLI committed to comply and implement the Good Corporate Governance according to the prevailing regulation. The summary of GCG implementation can be found here.


Should you have any query and complaint related with our products and/or services, please submit your query and complaint to us. Further information regarding Customer Handling Complaint Procedure, please refer here. For Customer Complaint Handling Report, please refer here.

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