JAKARTA, May 14, 2017 - marks the 42nd anniversary for TMI. The celebration was held on May 24, 2017, concurrently together with all employees in Head Office, Branch Offices, and Representative Offices.

Mr Josef Gunawan Setyo, President Director of TMI, remarked: "We are forced to change. If we don’t change, people will change us. I think this is something that we have to realize deeply. In 42 years, TMI is getting bigger. To go with that, we should be more professional in term of work we do. This is the natural progression if you want to growth to compete with others. The management hopes that TMI has given all of us a place to work with great satisfaction. Recently, TMI has been very active in the good company program especially the recognition for all of your great jobs. At the same time, it’s unavoidable that there are more and more measures will be put in place so we can do what we are supposed to do in a professional way. So, from now on, let’s be together, make a solid team with a good foundation and a good company, we will not only survive but we will strive.”

Mr Masayuki Mizunuma, Managing Director of TMI, also remarked: "42 years journey is not an easy and during that time, TMI has been changing a lot. Initially, the existence of TMI was to support the Japanese Companies in Indonesia. But now, TMI will increase more the portion of the local business. We have to focus on the needs of the market, time, and Customers because those are always leading us. Our mid-term plan concept will proceed with the growth of Indonesia’s economics, people, and nations. Our future keyword is ‘Kami maju bersama dengan pertumbuhan Indonesia’.”

TMI’s contribution to Indonesia society will never end. TMI is always striving to improve and provide the best service to our valued Customers. TMI are very grateful for the trust and supports from all Customers and those are the forms of our commitments, spirit, and encouragement to provide the best service to them.