Jakarta (15/11) - For the second time, PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia (TMLI) participated in a blood donation event organized by PT Asuransi Tokio Marine Indonesia (TMI) TMI office in Building 1 Sentral Senayan.

The event started around 8:45 am although it was originally scheduled to start at 08.30 am, largely due to the delay in the team Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is stuck in traffic all the way to the office of TMI. While some participants from TMLI and TMI was on stand by from 8:30 am. But the 15-minute delay did not interfere with the enthusiasm of the participants to participate in the blood drive which is always held every year.

Since the event was held on Friday, the committee decided to prioritize male participants and Muslims, so that they can finish early. This is because they must take part in Friday prayers, which usually begins at 11 noon. Initially, we expect to have about 100 participants from both donor and TMLI TMI, but some people from the building management is also interested in joining, so the number of participants is higher than our expectations. Due to time constraints of the PMI to maintain the quality of the blood, we must close the registration process early though many employees are still interested in participating in the blood drive event. The number of people registered for blood donation event is 107 people.

Of the total 107 registered participants, about 83% or 89 people managed to donate blood, which is dominated by the O blood (38), followed by blood A (21 people); B blood (20) and AB blood (10). Participants who fail due to various reasons such as those HB levels below the standard, the participant is in a period of treatment, feeling unwell, etc.

We are very pleased to see the enthusiasm of the participants show a blood donor. The number of participants has increased from year to year.We expect excitement or passion to help each other be maintained among employees. PT Asuransi Tokio Marine Indonesia will maintain a commitment to hold a blood drive in the years to come as one of its CSR activities, as we believe, together we can save lives.

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November 15, 2013


General Insurance

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Corporate Social Responsibility