More than 130 years ago, we were established as the first Insurance company in Japan.  Our network now spans 483 cities in 38 countries, and we have never lost sight of conducting business with integrity, passion and quality.

Doing good, being good means profits are not the be all and end all of our existence, but a natural side effect of doing the best for customers, employees and society. Working to be a Good Company brings us together as a united global insurance group.


Established in the year 1879 as the first insurance company in Japan, TOKIO MARINE has grown over the decades, now offering an extensive selection of General, Life and Takaful insurance products and solutions. With a presence in 37 countries and expanding, Tokio Marine ranks as one of the world’s most globally diversified and financially secure insurance groups. Today, as Japan’s largest insurance group, with over USD184.1 billion in assets, USD27.8 billion of net written premiums (as at end of March 2014) and 46,000 employees, Tokio Marine is ever-ready to partner with you to continuously realise more achievements.


In 1945, Tokio Marine re-entered the Asian market and has been focusing on providing a comprehensive range of Life and General Insurance solutions in multiple Asian countries. We pursued growth through a mix of organic expansion, acquisitions and joint ventures.  As Tokio Marine Asia, we solidified our place in the region and with a wealth of experience, customer loyalty and a strong desire to grow, we now operate in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Vietnam.


We understand that our customers have varying needs, are at different stages of writing their own story, and are looking for a trusted financial partner. We’ve persevered to add value to our brand meeting and exceeding expectations. Today, Tokio Marine Insurance Group is recognised as the best Japanese brand among insurers and has matched up to its reputation by receiving awards such as the "General Insurance Company of the Year - Asian Insurance Review" for the year 2008 and 2012. In our bid to bring you excellence, we’ve attracted the best pool of talents among domestic Japanese companies as well. You can trust that our employees and agents will do their utmost best to deliver a solid financial plan, along with honest and genuine servicing.


Tokio Marine is a customer-first organisation and naturally, we put you at the heart of everything we do. We’ve formulated a robust strategy and infrastructure in the way we operate, establishing a broad distribution network based on multiple partnerships, joint ventures and collaborations with agency channels, brokers, intermediaries and banks. We continuously work to ensure our policies offer full-on coverage with minimal disparities.  Some of our sought-after insurance product highlights based on this winning formulation include:

  • Marine Cargo Insurance: Our wide technical expertise, state-of-the-art eMarine platform and  dedicated global team of claim, recovery and loss control specialists, all offering advantages of  timely policy underwriting, issuance and claims processing  has earned us the reputation as leading global player in Marine Insurance.

  • Engineering: Catering to the ever-growing demand for manufacturing and construction insurance solutions, Tokio Marine offers a wide spectrum of packaged products which cater to the needs of SME clients. We have a Risk Management Support Team made of highly trained and qualified risk engineers experienced in identifying potential hazards and mitigating risks to think ahead for you.

  • Personal Lines: With strong economic growth coupled with the emergence of a large middle class group, we cater to the rising demand for personal accident, health, homeowners and travel insurance plus assistance services like card protection and travel related services.

  • Life Insurance: Most of us are excited about the future and believe tomorrow will be better than today. At the same time, it is normal to worry about protecting our loved ones, paying off the house, providing a good education for our children and retiring comfortably. We provide a comprehensive suite of life insurance and wealth solutions, in order to secure you and your family's future.  


We have over 130 years of experience to our name and it is our belief that by exceeding your expectations, we earn your trust and loyalty. We’ve created a set of business principals to cater to you. Below is an overview of the standards we have set for ourselves:

  • Operations and technology are reviewed on a regular basis and jointly with local operations teams to increase productivity, enhance service to customers and partners.
  • We have a robust regulatory compliance monitoring process where we keep abreast of any new developments in the industry as part of our risk monitoring processes.
  • We have a formal complaints process and our complaint handling is integrated with our day-to-day customer service staff who aims to resolve a significant majority of your issue.

With Tokio Marine, you’ll have a partner to progress your company. We work towards defining reliability and excellence throughout our term in the industry. Choose Tokio Marine or contact us if you’d like to find out more about us. 

Our Business in Indonesia

Life Insurance

PT Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia (TMLI) is one of the subsidiaries of Tokio Marine Group, the oldest insurance group in Japan, established since 1879.

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General Insurance

PT Asuransi Tokio Marine Indonesia (formerly PT. Asuransi Jayasraya) is a joint venture between Tokio Marine Asia Pte. Ltd. and PT Asuransi Jasa Indonesia. 

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