Claims Procedures

My vehicle had an accident, how do I make a claim?

The easiest way to make a claim your motor vehicle is to immediately contact the Contact Centre 14006 Auto Claim us, which operates 24 hours. Our contact center agents will inform you about the documents needed to speed up the claims process. As per the requirements listed in the motor vehicle insurance policy, you are required to report your claim no later than 5x24 hours from the date of the incident

I want to make a claim for non-motorized vehicles, what is the procedure?

Insurance claims procedure non-motor vehicle different from the motor vehicle insurance claim procedures. For more details, you can contact our office at the telephone number and / or address listed on the policy. The staff concerned will handle the claim process your claim further. You are required to immediately report the claim after the date of the incident in accordance with the requirements listed in your policy.

 I already filed a claim to Tokio Marine, how I can monitor the process my claim? 

Claims staff concerned will inform periodically the status of your claims process either by phone and / or email you. However, if necessary, you can also directly contact our claims staff by phone and / or email and they will immediately inform the status of your claims process.

I want to fix my vehicle, where the nearest garage from where I live?

When you receive your motor vehicle policy, we always include a list of workshop partners who work with our company. Through this list, you can choose the workshop partners are located closest to the location of your home or office. You also can call the Contact Centre 14006 Auto Claim us to obtain information workshop nearest to your location at any time if you need it. Additionally, you can use our garage locator tool, which also provides the facility map location nearest workshop partners with the position you are in, complete with workshop addresses, phone numbers and routes to get to the location of the workshop.