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Insurance is important or not for me?

We, as an insurance company that has been experienced for more than 38 years in Indonesia, it is understood that an asset or property that you have, be it a house, car, or personal effort is the result of your hard work over the years. This is where insurance is needed, namely to protect your assets from any risk that irregular and unpredictable by anyone. Insurance functions essentially transferring the risk, so that if something happens to your assets, the insurance company will provide compensation in accordance with the provisions guaranteed in the policy.

 Important or not insured necessarily dependent needs of each person. The following questions might help you answer these questions.

  • Are you sure that the property you have today free from risks such as theft, fire, flood, earthquake, etc?
  • If your car suddenly runs the risk of accidents, Could you pay the cost of damages caused by the accident?
  • Are you sure you, the motor vehicle that you use every day free from the risk of theft is rampant lately?
  • Is the value of the assets you have at the moment is equivalent to the value of your home?

If you answer 'no' to at least two of the above questions, it is important for your insurance.

What should I look for when buying an insurance product?

OK, so you've decided that the insurance is important. Here are some things you should consider when buying insurance products:

  • Note the collateral protection insurance package you want to buy. For example:
    • If you are going to buy a motor vehicle insurance products, are guaranteed protection includes protection against flooding?
    •  If you want to buy fire insurance for your home or office, whether warranty protection includes protection against earthquakes or other natural disasters?
    • Insurance product that you will buy should be tailored to your needs and abilities. For more details, you can contact and consult with us regarding the marketing collateral protection that suits your needs.
  • Do not dwell on the cheap premium rates. Compare protections guaranteed on cheap premium rates with expensive. The more expensive premium rates will surely guarantee a much more complete protection following the expansion of the collateral. Make sure you really understand the types of risk that are guaranteed by the insurance company and the insurance policy written.
  • If you have insurance that will determine the products you buy, learn the insurance claims procedure.Insurance companies that have high credibility would have tried to simplify the process your insurance claims. At Tokio Marine, for motor vehicle insurance claim you only have to report to an auto claim our contact center that operates 24 hours at number 14006 and process your insurance claims will be processed by the staff of the claim in question.
  • To consider the condition of 'health' financial insurance company. One common way to measure whether or not an insurance company can be seen from the level of RBC (Risk Based Capital), ie the ratio of the amount of the company's assets by the total number of insurance claims. The government stipulates that insurance companies are required to have a minimum of 120% RBC, meaning that if all the customer submits a claim the company can meet its obligations and still have a reserve of 20%. The greater the ratio of RBC an insurance company, the company's healthy financial condition. You are entitled to ask to the insurance on their RBC ratios as one consideration in purchasing insurance products.
  • Last but not least, make sure the insurance company you choose can easily be reached if at any time you need it.

If all the above have you noticed, rest assured that you have chosen the insurance products that suit your needs. Air-insurance Congratulations!

I am interested in joining Tokio Marine, how?

Thank you for interest to be part of the Tokio Marine Indonesia. To join our big family, you can visit our careers section which we keep updated. If you are interested in job openings listed, please send your application and personal data complete with recent photograph to email or to the following address: 

PT Asuransi Tokio Marine Indonesia
Attn. HR Dept
Sentral Senayan I Building, 4th floor,
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Jakarta 10270. 

Your application will be stored in our database, and we will process further for qualified candidates.