Automobile Claims Process

How to file an automobile claim

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What happens when you file an Automobile Claim?

Partial Claims Procedure

  1. Accident occurs
  2. Report it to us
  3. Complete the Required documents
  4. Workshop begins repair
  5. We make a repair survey
  6. Work order is issued
  7. Repairs begin
  8. Repairs completed
  9. Car administration completed
  10. Car returned to you

Theft Claims Procedure

  1. Theft occurs
  2. Report it to us
  3. Make a Police report
  4. Complete claim documents
  5. Meet an investigator
  6. Investigator submits a report
  7. Investigation results
    • If claimable: Approval letter and RESKRIM cover letter issued
    • If un-claimable: Decline letter issued
  8. Complete claim status document
  9. Theft claim settlement (maximum within 60 days from first report)
  10. You receive the claim payment

What to do after an accident

  1. Make sure you are in a safe position. If your car cannot be moved, turn on the hazard lights
  2. If you are injured, contact the nearest hospital immediately
  3. Record the:
    • date, time and place of the accident
    • name(s) and contact number(s) of the other driver(s)
    • license plate numbers of other vehicles involved
    • names and phone numbers of victims, and witnesses (if any)
  4. If possible, take a photo of the damage caused to your own vehicle and the other vehicles and any other evidence
  5. Check for injuries to other parties
  6. Make a Police report and contact Auto Claim Contact Centre 14006 to request a towing service
Note: Do not allow your car to be towed by an illegal towing service.

Useful Tips

It is always advisable to have a camera for photographic evidence e.g.

  • position of the vehicles after the accident
  • accident site
  • damage caused to vehicles involved in the accident

When To Report

About an accident

Always report an accident even if it doesn’t give rise to a claim.

  1. Call our Auto Claim Contact Centre 14006 to report it not more than 3x24 hours from the date of the incident. Please quote your name and  policy number
  2. Complete the form and submit the following documents for your claim to be processed as soon as possible:
    • A photocopy of your vehicle registration, driving license and insurance policy
    • Report to Police Letters regarding the accident, theft or vandalism.
  3. Keep the evidence and show it to the appointed Loss Adjuster (loss assessors) to expedite the claim investigation process.
  4. Submit the quotation for repair or replacement, subject to our approval.

Why make a report?

If you fail to make a report, you may

  • Lose all your claim benefits/rights you are entitled to  
  • Ignore your responsibility to yourself and other involved parties

How to make a report

Why choose our workshops?

With our workshops, you can rest assured of:

  1. 24-hour towing service for accident-related assistance*
  2. Strategic and conveniently accessible locations
  3. 6-month warranty for labour and spare parts
  4. Assistance with claims for  your property losses against the other party (if the other party is liable for the accident)
*Terms and conditions apply

Filing a Report

  • A photocopy of <br>vehicle registration

    A photocopy of
    vehicle registration

  • Driver’s license

    Driver’s license

  • Insurance policy

    Insurance policy

  • Report to Police Letters <br>regarding the accident, theft <br>or vandalism.

    Report to Police Letters
    regarding the accident, theft
    or vandalism.

Reporting an accident in Indonesia


Make a report at the nearest Police Station in Indonesia


Contact our Auto Claim Contact Centre 14006 Find a Workshop if you need a tow truck 


File your report  with us