Payment & Services procedures

I want to pay my insurance premium, what should I do?

When you receive an insurance policy, we always include a Debit Note (Debit Note) which contains the amount of premium you pay complete with no account for the purpose of payment of your insurance premium. Please check back in the Debit Note if you set the destination account number. If not, you can confirm with the marketing staff or your insurance agent.

For information, account numbers listed in the Debit Note is a virtual account number bank HSBC specifically given for each policyholder in which each client has a different account number. You can make payment by wire transfer via ATM or bank teller. If through ATMs, payment can also be made through the ATM network along with Bank code 041.

Virtual account numbers listed in the Debit Note tailored to the type of currency. If your premium amount in a currency other than the USD, then set 2 virtual account number in your Debit Notes, the account number and account number to USD for the currency as stated in the policy.

Is there a period of time premium payment should I follow?

Period of time premium payment specified is less than 45 days from the date of the policy issued and listed on the lower left side of your Debit Note. The Billing Department will send a reminder letter periodically ie every 15th day within 45 days. If you do not pay off your premiums after a period of 45 days, then your insurance policy will be canceled automatically without any notice in writing of the Tokio Marine. For the transport insurance, insurance policy which has been issued will be frozen.

I've paid my premiums, do I need to confirm? If so, how?

Yes, proof of premium payments should be submitted to us to speed up the process of reconciliation. Please proof of payment can be faxed to No. 021-572 4008 and addressed to the Credit Control Department Or you can send the proof of payment via email with the subject 'premium payment policy no XXX (Your insurance policy no)' to address If proof of payment has been received, our staff will confirm back to you either by email or fax.

My insurance policy will expire next month, how to extend the policy?

Insurance policy renewal process should be done at least one month before your insurance policy coverage period expires. To accelerate the process of renewal of your insurance policy, please contact your marketing staff or agents.

If you experience difficulties, please send an email to our customer service policy renewal with the subject email address and include the following data:

  • Full name
  • Contacted phone number (mobile no)
  • Active email address
  • Policy number
  • Other data if needed.

Our customer service will immediately follow-up your request to the related department.

I buy insurance from Tokio Marine, but have not received my insurance policy, what should I do?

Standard procedures for issuance of an insurance policy in our company is 7 (seven) working days from the closing date of confirmation of insurance policy until you receive your insurance policy, provided that all documents required for the issuance of the policy have been met. These standards represent our commitment to improve the quality of service.

When all the data has been met and you have not received an insurance policy after 7 days, please contact your marketing staff or email our customer service at or through hotline 021-5724004 and sms us at 0812 118 4004.

PS: Standard time above applicable to all insurance policies except transport insurance, where we impose a special one-day service standard transport insurance only.