Forgery crime is emerging as a serious concern in insurance industry. With today’s technology advancement, it has exposed us to such crime more than before.  Learning how to identify this crime is vital to protect yourself.

How Does It Happen?

Forgery crime can reach us in many ways, such as below:

  • A person falsely identifies himself as an agent and sell you an invalid insurance cover with forged insurance policy.
  • Combination with an online scam.

    For example…  You made an online purchase of goods from oversea. After a few days, you received a call from a person who says he is working in a freight company, informing that your goods have arrived and currently stored in their cargo.  You were then furnished with a copy of a forged cargo insurance document as proof of delivery and were requested to pay for the insurance premium and cargo storage fee.  Even after the payment of the required sum, the goods never arrive.

Look For These Red Flags...

How can we spot this kind of forgery of insurance related documents?  Here are some tips for you to discover the forgery:

  • Misspelled company name (e.g. Tokyo Marine instead of Tokio Marine).
  • Company logo affixed is blur, different from standard colour, low graphic resolution etc.
  • Incorrect company address (e.g. policy purchased from Tokio Marine Insurans but the address of Tokio Marine Life was stated).
  • Unmatched details between multiple insurance related documents for the same insurance coverage (e.g. different policy number, office address, insurance coverage etc).
  • The document content differs visually from previously received documents from Tokio Marine Insurans.
  • Visible differences in font type, size, resolution and colour in the same document.
  • Description of policy coverage in a vague manner.

When In Doubt... 

If you discover any of the above red flags which trigger you to question the authenticity of the insurance related documents:

  • Refer to Tokio Marine corporate website for more details on the insurance products.
  • Contact us directly through the following available channels:
  1. Call us via our Toll Free Line at: 1800-88-0812
  2. Email us at:
  3. Visit us in person at our office. To locate the nearest branch in your area, you may refer to our corporate website at the link here.

I Am A Victim Of A Forgery Crime. What Should I Do?

If you have bought an insurance coverage and later discovered that it is not authentic…

  • Make a police report.
  • Contact us immediately at the aforementioned available channels.

Let us stay aware of this crime is vital to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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