What is Cancer LoanBreak Insurance?

Cancer LoanBreak is a medical plan that pays a single payout to your loan financier when you undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy for your cancer treatment or upon diagnosis of terminal cancer by your oncologist.

Key coverage

Here is an overview of your coverage.

The policy undertakes to pay 12 monthly loan instalments when you receive treatment of either Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy for Cancer OR being diagnosed with Terminal Cancer.

How much is my premium?

Your premium may vary, depending on
•    Your Age and Gender
•    Your Sum Insured
•    The Period of Cover

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What we don’t cover (exclusion)

  • Pre-Existing Condition;
  • You have been diagnosed with Cancer within ninety (90) days from the commencement date of this Policy;
  • You have signs or symptoms of Cancer, or have investigations into a suspected cancer within ninety (90) days from the commencement date of this Policy, which later confirms a diagnosis of Cancer;
  • Any form of Cancer that do not require Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy treatment;
  • Any other illness or injury other than Cancer as defined;
  • The Cancer, where in Our opinion, was caused directly or indirectly by the existence of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS) or by the presence of any Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) infection. We reserve the right to require You to undergo a blood test for HIV as a condition precedent to acceptance of any claim;
  • Ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or nuclear waste from process of nuclear fission or from any nuclear weapons material.

Important information

This plan is underwritten by Tokio Marine Insurans (Malaysia) Berhad. All benefits and features mentioned herein are subject to terms and conditions of the policy. It is in your best interest to refer to the Policy Contract for the precise terms and conditions of this insurance plan. The information shown here is for reference only and is accurate as at 17 October 2016.

You are to truthfully, correctly and completely answer all questions in the proposal form and disclose fully and faithfully all the facts which you know (or reasonably in the circumstances could be expected to know) to be relevant to our decision on whether to accept the risk or not, and the rate and terms to be applied; otherwise the Policy issued may be void.

It is important that you read and understand the Terms, Conditions and Exclusions of the policy.